Nama Product


Air conditioning companion is an air conditioning intelligent controller, which makes traditional air conditioners intelligent. 

It can remote control traditional air conditioners through APP anytime and anywhere, check the power consumption of air conditioners whenever you want, support to set up different air conditioning modes and adapt to different types of air conditioning brands to make your life more delicate and intelligent. 

It will be a pioneer in a new age of intelligent air conditioner control. 


  •  Wi-Fi transmission technology. Work with air conditioner through infrared signals to realize multiple functions.
  •  Support to remote control the switch, wind speed, wind direction and temperature of air conditioner and other states. 
  •  Support to monitor the actual power of the air conditioner accurately and summarize the power consumption.
  •  Support to switch different air conditioning modes, easy to set up cooling, heating and sleep mode.
  •  Stronger compatibility. Adapt to the vast majority of air conditioning brands commonly used on the market.
  •  Support check the running status in real time, easy to monitor the running status of the air conditioner.
  •  Free-Installation, Easy Setup. TOTOLINK APP is convenient for the users to finish the basic configuration with their cellphones.